The Goombah and the Hippie Chick

Author: Neil C. Campbell

ISBN 978-1-60264-793-0 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-794-7 (eBook)

252 pages

Join Joe Hollowell and the rest of the gang for a hilarious year in the lives of twenty-somethings in Philadelphia. An Indiana native, Joe develops a Platonic relationship with Julia Stevens, a delicatessen staffer who belongs to Greenpeace. Soon Joe grows to hate Plato and his philosophies. Does city life prove too intense for the young Hoosier? Will Julia let him into her heart or will she just give up because he won't quit guzzling Canadian beer?
Meanwhile, there's Brett Shiavone, a modern-day Casanova who woos Lauren Murphy, a successful accountant with a BMW and a taste for Russian borscht. He also romances Nancy Doyle, a Drexel University junior who's high on life, plus a few other things. Which begs the question: Who dumps who in the end?
Follow these folks as they go in search of themselves, and the best watering holes, in exotic locales like Annapolis and Harrisburg, P-A. "What happens in the Poconos, STAYS in the Poconos."


A native of the Midwest, Neil Campbell drew from personal experience while creating the main character for his first novel, The Goombah and the Hippie Chick. Neil faced many challenges on the farm, from forest critters in the barn to a pickup truck in dire need of an exorcist. This led him to join the football-frenzied student body at a public university. A frequent visitor to Philadelphia, Neil was inspired to write a story about young urbanites living on the edge.
Neil Campbell resides in Ohio, primarily for the year-round subtropical climate and low-priced soy sauce at the grocery store.

Category: Fiction, Humor

Type: books

Vendor: Neil C. Campbell

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