The Fictionary

Author: Düg Fresh

ISBN 978-1-62137-377-3

218 pages

"The Fictionary" is two things: 

It is both a flexicon of new words that should probably never find their way into language and words that are already have but with new vocabularity which seeks to liberate the Big Goof hidden, sometimes trapped, within. 

"The Fictionary" is meant to be amusing. It is not meant to alarm, upset, or offend. To those who are not easily amused, we give you fair warning: this work contains memes which may be dangerous to your bs. 

"The Fictionary" is presented ‘as is’ for your enjoyment and is not intended for any practical purpose. Use at your own risk. 


Fresh from the military and back in upstate New York after a 6-month odyssey on The Appalachian Trail, Düg bounced around various jobs until he eventually found himself driving a box truck for a local Floral Wholesaler. This afforded him many long hours late at night to sit and contemplate. Being a literate sort, he also read a lot and this helped, though of course not while driving. Nevertheless, from this strange confluence was born "The Fictionary!" 

Düg Fresh is also the author of "A Thousand and One Appalachian Tales", an account of his journey along the AT and through the heart of Chapel Perilous. He writes Haiku and continues to explore Wordspace as time and inspiration permit. His next project is to publish a few children’s stories he’s written.

Düg FreshDüg FreshDüg Fresh

Category: Fiction, Humor

Type: books

Vendor: Düg Fresh

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