It Came With Oil - An adventure into the art of British car repair

Good stories come from bad decisions, and in the techno world we inhabit, our cars tell them like nothing else. "It Came With Oil" is a euphemism for that jumping-off point from which we all leap when we want to learn the Art of Repair. By the chronicle of a young man's adventures in auto-repair-shop antics, road-trips, and with those peculiar but loveable British cars, an amusing backdrop is painted for invaluable lessons in automobile use and repair that all enjoy. This collection of true car-stories ranges everywhere from an explosion in a row of old English sports cars to tow-truck drivers' fears, from diagnostic technique to work habits, from race cars to motorcycles to lovers. This fun and practical look inside the journey from mending, toward repair, strikes a happy, meaningful, and lasting chord.

Type: books

Vendor: Alan Cowan

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