Goddess of Shadow - Book 1 of the American Noir Trilogy

Author: Shaun Griffin

ISBN 978-0-6481701-0-5 (softcover)

194 pages

Do we have any control over our lives or are we merely pawns in a great cosmic game beyond our understanding?

An invitation to casual sex triggers a chain of events that force assassins Matthew and John into a deadly struggle with the enigmatic Anastasiya. She has moved in the shadows of human society for two hundred years and is not about to allow the extermination of her kind by mortal men.

And how does a chance encounter between the assassins and Faith, a young woman in trouble, lead to a growing web of characters? The priest turned from God, the ruthless gang boss intent on becoming kingpin, the disillusioned ex-cop turned PI, the unfaithful trophy wife – each have their part to play as the antagonists move inexorably toward the final deadly showdown.

A blend of crime noir and deconstructed vampire myth unlike any story you’re likely to read.


Shaun Griffin currently resides in Australia. An engineer by day, he is an avid bibliophile and comic book collector who writes in his spare time. "Goddess of Shadow" is his first novel.  

Category: vampire, vampires

Type: books

Vendor: Shaun Griffin

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