Draped in Blue & Brave

Author: Kurt Lafy

ISBN: 978-1-62137-308-7 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-62137-309-4 (hardcover)

210 pages

Fight the Civil War. Immerse yourself in the ranks of the Union Army. Enlist your senses in the 141st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. 

While Civil War books generally speak on great leaders or great battles, "Draped in Blue & Brave" allows glimpses into soldiers' personal lives. Their trials under fire, on the march or in camp are riveting. 

Many soldiers died in battle. Many more were wounded. Too many initially survived their injury only to later die at the hands of the doctors. 

The common soldier of the day fought side by side with brothers and neighbors. To not let their comrades down, the men rose to the heights of the courageous. Bravery became more common than one would imagine. So common, in fact, that over twenty of the 141st PVI received the Kearney Cross for gallantry at the Battle of Chancellorsville. 

Place your mark on the enlistment form. Join the 141st PVI. 


As a student in the 5th grade, Kurt D. Lafy was blessed to have Mrs. Taylor as his teacher. She awoke his Civil War spirit in a bold moment when she challenged the students to look out the window at the adjoining cemetery. As the students complied, she stated, “There are men buried out there who died in this war.” The author has remembered these words his entire life. 

Mr. Lafy returned to the valley of his youth and settled back into life in the heart of the “Endless Mountains” in Sheshequin Township. As he was once again living at the epicenter of the 141st Regiment and where the wealth of information resides, he was able to immerse himself in their history and began writing about the men. 

Kurt is a Civil War re-enactor who, upon returning to Bradford County, Pennsylvania, formed a cadre of kindred spirits who portray Company A of the 141st PVI. They travel near and far to recreate the battles of this great conflict, and to educate the children of today about the importance of this era of American History. 

Life has brought him back to where he belongs, home. He shall stay forever. All the while, his writing will continue.

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Type: books

Vendor: Kurt Lafy

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