The Atlatl

by Everett Kelly

ISBN 1-58939-561-1 (hardcover)
ISBN 1-58939-560-3 (softcover)
ISBN 1-58939-559-X (eBook)

280 pages 


This is the story of a nation of people who inhabited the southern third of Florida When Columbus first touched the shore of this new world. They earned their moment in the history of the world by their bitter encounter with the discoverer of Florida Juan Ponce de Leon. They lived and loved and experienced joy and tragedy in their lives and their fiercely fought battles to maintain their independence and customs. The exciting and moving events of their moment in history are vividly portrayed for the world to see and experience just as if the reader were there. This narrative humanizes these new world people whom the Spanish Conquistadors saw as infidels and pagans. Like us, they loved each other and raised their families and enjoyed their leisure lives, in what was then their unspoiled paradise. The reader will be stirred by the events vividly portrayed in this moving and graphically written book. Anyone who cares about their fellow man should not miss this wonderful story.

Category: Fiction, Historical

Type: books

Vendor: Everett Kelly

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