Memoirs Of El Chote

Author: Shirley Walter

ISBN 9781621377979

ISBN 9781621377986  

458 Pages


Will Miller took a bold step and moved his family from the dry farmland of western Oklahoma to the wilderness of eastern Mexico. He, with forty other American families turned a jungle alongside the Panuco River into farm and ranch land. Within two years, the Mexican Revolution started. All the Americans except for Will and one other man, returned to the states. Four years would pass before Will would see his family again. He had to deal with the demands of both federal troops and Pancho Villa's rebel army during the war. Later, he fought bandits, cattle rustlers, corruption, and devastating natural disasters and heartbreaking personal losses. In 1949, Will's granddaughter, Shirley Walter, at the young age of 21, moved 1000 miles from home to join an aging and alone Will. With no electricity or running water, and through dangerous and difficult times, Shirley ran the ranch before she was forced from the land by a communist government. This true and exciting story of sheer grit and hard work follows Will Miller through 68 years of developing a successful cattle ranch from only a couple hundred acres to over five thousand...

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