Author: Dorothy K. Morris

ISBN 978-1-951985-93-6 (softcover)

288 pages

In the year 1782, after the Colonies have won their war with England, horizons stretched far into the distant future. A new country had been born. Citizens came to terms with great change, faced loss of loved ones, and gained new. Good won over evil in personal struggles. In this, the last of The Mockingbird Hill Series, we say goodbye to old friends as we leave their children on the horizons of their future.

Dorothy K Morris, a native of Charleston, grew up in the Low Country of South Carolina. Well-traveled, she adopted the West as her home and has remained there for many years, now residing in Tucson, Arizona. She enjoys genealogy and obtains many of the elements of her characters and plots from her extensive family history. Among her ancestors were many early settlers in the American Colonies. To see all books in this series go to: http://www.dorothykmorrisbooks.com

Type: books

Vendor: Dorothy K. Morris

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