George A Civil Warrior

Author: Kurt D. Lafy

ISBN 978-1-60264-207-2 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-208-9 (hardcover)

256 pages

Join George, our Civil Warrior, on his journey both through the years of the American Civil War and from his innocence of youth to the gnarled veteran. Watch as he struggles with his ascent into advanced understanding of his own human frailties as one moral issue after another thrusts itself upon him in the never ending tumult of life and war. Learn through his letters home how he interacts with all of his family members and witness his handling of each. Laugh with him as he remembers his home. Cry with him as he weeps for lost comrades. Through it all, George desperately tries to maintain his human side even as life and war rip at his soul. March with George. Feel what he felt. See what he saw. Ponder his thoughts. Experience him living to extremes.


Kurt D. Lafy was born and raised in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Since leaving his home, over thirty years ago, he has employed himself as a self taught carpenter while working in the state of New Jersey. His hobbies include refereeing high school football as a member of the New Jersey Football Officials Association (recently retired) and, not surprisingly, portraying a 1st Lieutenant from the Rhode Island Volunteers, Company D. as a Civil War re-enactor. Further, he researches his family genealogy and, from time to time, builds clocks.

Despite a few of his past English teachers not being in favor of his writing skills, he decided to peck away at the typewriter and put his thoughts on paper for whatever enjoyment may be garnered from such.

He plans on retiring to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where his ancestor fought in the Peach Orchard. He has never forgotten the valley, his home. Neither has he forgotten it's teachings.

Category: Fiction, Historical

Type: books

Vendor: Kurt Lafy

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