Enoch and the Inventory of Miracles: Volume Two

By Howard Michael Riell

ISBN: 978-1-62137-655-2

118 pages

"... the main job of a Jew is to testify. These coincidences do, indeed, testify - that God exists, that He is involved in every moment of our lives, and in our history. That the Torah is His revealed word. That the Jews are His Chosen People, that Israel is their land, and that He directs absolutely everything that occurs in the universe. "The coincidences prove it. "Their sheer volume over the course of nearly three decades, as well as their quality - some subtle and delicately nuanced, hardly noticeable, others a resounding whack in the head - prove that there is intention behind them. They are all consonant with the voluminous messages that Rosalyn and I have received; all follow the same pattern, point in the same direction, tell the same story."

Category: Historical, Religion

Type: books

Vendor: Howard Michael Riell

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