The Archaic Smile

Author: Ramun Bjerken

ISBN 978-1-62137-019-2 (softcover)

207 pages

Our fundamental study of natural reality is physics, and I found that physics has taken a direction that somehow violated me; and the more I probed the deeper the violation. The attitude that surfaced was that we have to start over. An eventually I realized: if not me, who; I sensed the crucial urgency involved. Our Time will be defined by a need for a natural form of spirituality structured by reason and set in the real. I began with the richest Period in human history: the 6th Century B.C. The challenge was to fuse aggressive intellectual penetration, as stressed in the West, with calm spiritual participation as stressed in the East, knowing that the synthesis had been at the core of both cultures. The goal is to conceptualize Reality through traditional reason, extend reason into traditional spiritual awareness, and have that continuity establish a resonant ground for creative action.
Oriented Relations presents a restructuring of our conceptual foundation by exposing a formal harmony extending universally. This essential State is applied to celestial motion, light, and consciousness, unifying them in a simple clarity where paradox and conundrums tend to dissolve in a consistency of form intensified by mathematics and commonsense.

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