Tapping Your God Source: A Book of Biblical Healing

Author: George Tyrrell

ISBN 978-1-949756-73-9 (softcover);

978-1-949756-74-6 (eBook)

172 pages

Gaze out into the vast, starry heavens

Now gaze inward, and see the same thing.

On Earth as it is in the heavens—all God’s creation is resurrection from desolation. It’s the way of our own salvation as well. For we are part of that greater scheme, whose power dwells also within ourselves. (Luke 17:20-21) (1 Cor. 3:16-17). Tapping Your God-Source reveals how to tap into this power to overcome our fears and afflictions and become all we can possibly be. The ultimate goal is self- transcendence, when we can finally sing out with Paul—“O death where now is your sting? O grave where now is your victory?”


Once an avowed atheist, psychologist George Tyrrell discovered the full power of religion can induce suicidal mass murder or create a Jesus, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King. This led to extensive research in galvanizing this transcending force for the good through Scripture and prayer empowered by tested therapeutic techniques. His previous books include "Ripples From the Darkness" and "The Book of Thomas the Doubter: Uncovering the Hidden Teaching." Tyrrell remains affiliated with of the American Psychological Association and The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.  

Type: books

Vendor: George Tyrrell

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