Reflections on a Life with Diabetes

Author: Diane Parker and Ruth Mark

ISBN 1-58939-596-4 (softcover)

286 Pages

In this candid anthology, the authors take you on a tour of their experiences living with diabetes. This is not a technical or scientific book but one that exposes the tender emotions of living with this chronic disease. There is humor, warmth and compassion in these poems and stories written by diabetics, their families and friends. Lisa Haynes talks affectionately about her mother's feet in her poem, "Feet Like Small Children"; we learn what it's like for a mother to discover her young daughter has diabetes in Anne-Leigh Parrish's, A Whole New World"; Wilson and Kartonis take us into their playful fantasy about food in, "Living the Sweet Life"; and Cheri and Jade Brooks give us different perspectives on the same hypoglycemic episode in, "Inferno," and "Mirrors in the Sun." These are but a few of the narratives you'll find in these pages.

This is the first book of its kind to introduce you to the emotional workings of diabetes from a creative nonfiction point of view. It incorporates all aspects of diabetes, from diagnosis, to complications and, finally, survival.


Diane M. Parker
Parker, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker, formerly from Buffalo, New York, now living in San Diego, California. She has had Type 1 diabetes most of her life and in spite of it is in excellent health. Professionally, Diane has worked with children, adolescents and families in a variety of mental health settings. She has published in numerous small press magazines.
Ruth Mark
Mark, PhD was born and raised in Ireland. She currently lives in the Netherlands. Her work has been published in diverse print and web venues including: Riviera Reporter, Dakota House Journal, Poems Niederngasse, Midnight Minds, Snakeskin, Wicked Alice, Electric Acorn, Poetry Superhighway and many more.

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