Enoch and the Price of Power

Author: Howard Michael Riell

ISBN 978-1-60264-750-3 (softcover)

784 pages

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MASTERS OF THE WORLD --- to the Banksters, the New World Order, the hyper-rich, the connected, the Corporatocracy, the Hum, the patrician class, the moneyed interests, the elite, the aristocracy, the globalists, the ruling class, the Pezze di Novante, the royal families, the merchant class, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Invisible Hand, the Cryptocracy, the shadow government, the oil magnates, the Saudi sheiks, the arms dealers, the media moguls, the globocrats, the presidents, princes and potentates. You who can topple governments, devalue currencies, crash markets, depose leaders, start wars and revolutions, assassinate world leaders, alter maps and commit mass murder with impunity. All of you who are above any law, who profit from human suffering; who have been clever enough and rich enough and connected enough and arrogant enough and devious enough and ruthless enough to have kept the peoples of the world at each others throats and poor and sick and hungry and powerless and voiceless and entertained, and to have remained invisible while doing it, and who plan nothing less than de facto slavery for humanity.
You who are responsible for so much misery.
You have brought and sustained grievous suffering in the world and made yourselves, in your own eyes, gods.
But you are not gods. You are men.
There is a God, and He is making His anger known.


Howard Michael Riell, veteran journalist and host of the Riell Truth radio show, is the author of the six-volume Enoch Chronicles, as well as Enoch and the Inventory of Miracles; Enoch, Israel and America; Enoch and the Book of Comfort; and The Merciful Rebuke Satan: The Short Stories and Searing Vision of Howard Riell. Please visit www.enochcoincidence.com.

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