Enoch and the Book of Coincidences III: Promise

Author: Howard Michael Riell

ISBN 1-58939-927-7 (softcover)

136 pages

No, I can't explain it. Unless, of course, it's exactly what it appears to be. But my job, at least for now, isn't to explain. Just to report.
These voices from beyond, these messages, came bearing prophecies and predictions that held the promise of divine splendor, of grandeur, majesty and redemption. The promise of ultimate justice, and of mercy, and of right finally triumphing over wrong. The promise of validation, of spectacular notoriety, of a flowering of the human heart. The promise of even more incredible revelations ahead, and of ecstatic communion with the Creator of all; of every wish fulfilled, and the imminent arrival of an era long hoped for but ever elusive throughout mankind's long, painful march down the road of history.
The key word threading through all of this, in case you weren't paying attention, and in retrospect, I myself was not - being promise.


Veteran journalist Howard Michael Riell is the author of Enoch and the Book of Coincidences and Enoch and the Book of Coincidences II: Second Messiah. The fourth volume in the Enoch saga is currently in the works. Please visit www.EnochCoincidence.com.

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