The Harrow Legacy

Author: Dianne Kowal Kirtley

ISBN 978-1-947532-41-0 (softcover)


Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, the cultural venues of Paris, and the Midwestern scenes and influence of Chicago, the secrets of a privileged family are bared through the voices of its five members in The Harrow Legacy.

Greyson, the father, was content to be the second son until a tragedy jarred him into reality.

Elise, his wife, used her beauty as a door to escape poverty.

Arden, the oldest daughter, buried herself in her work to avoid emotion.

Kate, the middle daughter, the beauty queen, learned that advantages do not lessen vulnerability.

Skye, the youngest daughter, devoted herself to achieving academically and fighting for causes only to learn that nothing in life is ever what it seems.

Looking back towards the Great Hall, I noticed that the lights were beginning to come on in the upper level rooms. The scene was so peaceful and serene, and yet I could not help but think what secrets are kept by those guests. For isn’t it true that each of us has something to hide?

--Skye Harrow


Dianne Kowal Kirtley was a high school English teacher, department chair, and Public Relations Coordinator for Nazareth Academy, a coed, college prep high school, in LaGrange Park, Il. During her 25 years at Nazareth, she taught all levels of English and English electives including Creative Writing and Journalism.  She was also the advisor for the school’s newspaper for 20 years and a presenter at the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference in New York on three occasions. She has lived in Chicago and its suburbs for most of her life.

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