Paralegal... Paramour

Author: David A. Weiss

ISBN 1-58939-777-0 (softcover)

290 pages

Cynical attorney Peter Lambert, choking on a tedious diet of estates and closings, has finally landed a case to challenge his courtroom skills. Jack Boyland has been charged with robbing his business partner, and murder looms as a possibility. Only a corpus delicti is missing. An artist who knows too much, an insurance agent with too many angles and a bearded mystery man shroud the case with questions. A growing mountain of evidence against the double-dealing Boyland gradually dampens Peter's enthusiasm. Complications ensue when Peter becomes romantically involved with an Amish witness. Amidst conflicting desires and obligations, courtroom cunning produces surprising rewards. But personal disappointment prevails until a paradoxical lesson enables Peter to move on.


Paralegal ... Paramour is David Weiss' third novel. His previous works are: Beyond the Tree House (ISBN 0-7388-5558-8; 2000) and Secret Agenda (ISBN 1-58939-527-1; 2004). A retired pension attorney, David received his J.D. from New York University School of Law in 1968. Roots of his fiction stem from his legal background. He resides in Guilderland, New York with his wife Joyce.

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: David A. Weiss

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