Author: Tinika Ross

ISBN 978-0-9910759-0-4 (softcover)

208 pages

Langston Wellman lives a carefree existence as a waitress. This changes one night when Langston's car stalls. A stranger offers her a ride, but instead of taking her to a tow shop, he takes her into the woods and sexually assaults her. 

The same day in Iraq, Tripp Price celebrates his birthday with his best friend, Jimmy Baker. The celebration is cut short when their unit is assigned to a mission. While fulfilling their mission, the unit gets ambushed. As a result, Tripp suffers a traumatic brain injury. Jimmy isn't so lucky. He is in a coma and had to have his legs amputated. 

Due to these unfortunate events, Langston and Tripp leave their old homes and move to the same town in New Jersey. Through a few chance meetings, they become close friends and help each other overcome the traumatic events that happened to them. 


Tinika Ross is a novelist and poet from Southern New Jersey. After graduating from high school in 2009, Tinika went on to pursue her psychology degree from Florida A&M University. She currently works in the insurance industry and often freelances. When she isn't writing or working, Tinika can be found day dreaming or enjoying the company of her family and friends.X

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: Tinika Ross

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