Dragon Isle

Author: Keith Michael Mahan

ISBN 1-58939-556-5 (softcover)
ISBN 1-58939-557-3 (hardcover)

544 Pages

Three dark empires ally as three dark gods merge into one unholy trinity. Concepts concerning life cycles, evolving, revolving into passing seasons, yin and yang, are all immersed into a ballistic journey laden with symbolism. The Christian Crusades were a skirmish in comparison as some deep journeys are inevitably drenched in blood.

Dark dragons seize the moment to defy their god given tasks to protect the lower races from genocidal tendencies. Evil dragons were to protect the darker races of ogre, troll, goblin and such, while good dragons protect elf, dwarf, and human. Dragons no longer wish to play their protective roles. Instead, evil dragons intend to captivate and cultivate elves, humans and dwarves like sheep, cattle or pigs.

An island sets in the center of the World Sea that provides the perfect rest stop for flying dragons. Rampaging evil denizens dominate the isle, but both an elf and a human empire have naval outposts upon the fringes of the rocky coastline. Between the two military installations sets the finest trading city that elf and man has ever established together. Neither of the two empires intends to let this fair city fall without a bloody rumble.


Keith Michael Mahan is a self-proclaimed wanderer, dreamer and perpetual optimist who hopes to turn heads in the fantasy realm withDragon Isle.

In a quest to write a fantasy that wasn't of the traditional fare, Mahan created this extraordinary journey that could be seen as a liturgical phenomenon since “omniscience is revealed.”

Mahan says he is “just another player in the game of life,” yet he promises this novel is not simply another book pertaining to our fantasy realm. Literally, it plays upon the entire gaming field of body, spirit and mind as it takes readers on a journey with holistic imagination.

Category: Fantasy, Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: Keith Michael Mahan

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