The Greenwood Prophecy

Author: Pegge and Steven Hofman

ISBN 1-58939-524-7 (softcover)

292 Pages

Before the quake, Lexy Stellman had every reason to believe her future held nothing but the brightest of promises. Things were finally going her way. Beautiful, pampered, and now at last pregnant, she wouldn't tolerate her brother's fantastic tales of coming judgment.

Would God speak to believers all over the planet through a common dream like her brother claimed?

Could the world become so chaotic, so violent, so dangerous that God would tell His people to head for the hills? Lexy didn't believe it for a minute...or did she?

When a global earthquake shakes the very foundation of civilization, Lexy's world collapses. Millions are missing and presumed to be buried under the rubble...but are the really?

Outrageous rumors--people vanishing, perhaps in an evolutionary leap or even as victims of a mass alien abduction--spread like wildfire. So begins the Endgame, and the journey that will take Lexy Stellman into the wilderness and to the very brink of hell itself.


Pegge and Steven Hofman live in Southern California with their goldfish Hammie and Wren. They have been happily married since 1994.

The Greenwood Prophecy is their first collaborative work.

Category: Fantasy, Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Pegge Hofman

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