Notes from: Your Friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY

Complied by Steven W. Margles, M.D. 

ISBN: 978-1-62137-264-6 (hardcover)

70 pages

However valuable a child’s tooth is in today’s market, a note from Your Friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY is infinitely more valuable. When your children are grown, they will have something wonderful that will be treasured forever — thanks to the new book "Notes from: Your Friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY," compiled by Steven W. Margles, M.D. 

This book is meant to illustrate an often missed opportunity. It is hoped that children, parents, and grandparents who read it will use it as an inspiration. Upon losing their first tooth, be sure that your child leaves not only the tooth, but also a brief note requesting communication from THE TOOTH FAIRY. You may be amazed at the wonderful results. Included is an illustration consisting of the actual, unedited collection of notes left for Samantha Margles, daughter of the editor, by her Tooth Fairy, along with a contemporaneous photograph. This is preceded by a scrapbook for you and your child to use, making it fun and easy to save the notes. Keeping these notes with a timely photograph will, once completed, produce a highly treasured keepsake!

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