New Parents You're Not Alone: Here Is Your Guide

Author: Jacqueline L. Smith

ISBN 978-1-62137-453-4 (softcover)

66 pages

After having a child, you're in the beginning of a new stage of life. Priorities are different and being new parents is a learning process. Even though having children is a blessing, they're a huge responsibility that causes many parents to seek help from other experienced parents. Everyone who has children eventually appreciates the information given. Parenting skills are an everyday learning experience that's helpful after having a child who needs a lot of care and attention.


My name is Jacqueline L. Smith. I have five children of my own. I've learned a lot when they were growing up. I think parenting is the most amazing commitment that is just a part of my every day life. I know parents accept that and want to understand the challenge of raising a child, so I wanted to help by writing a guide book that can be helpful for parents who need additional information about parenting.

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