Modest Dishes: Easy Ways to Meet Nutrition Needs

Author: Aluta Nite

ISBN 978-1-62137-501-2 (softcover)

188 pages

The recipes in this book are downright simple, even a novice can use them. The ingredients are easily accessible from major brand name supermarkets, small stores and farmers' markets. The dishes: energy giving, body building and protecting foods are brought together to promote balanced diets so that one may eat for what the food will do to their body. The book provides recipes as well as some pictures of cooked food and ingredients, for eyes to enjoy. Feel free to experiment with the recipes even if it means tweaking them here and there to suit one. The author leaves it to would be cooks to combine dishes to make complete meals as they so wish. 


This is the author's second cookery book. The author grew up around her parents' kitchens both in the city and countryside homes while cooking with her mother and siblings. And, in both middle and junior high schools that she went to, there was domestic science subject in the curriculum that included cookery. She thus had the opportunity to learn a lot by watching and practicing what her teachers taught. With her past and current background in culinary diversity, she has horned a lot of experience in this field. And, as a mother and a wife, what she learned then, now and creates herself, form daily meals in her family, and hence the birth of her cookery books.

Category: Cooking, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Aluta Nite

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