Vision 3000: The Transformation of Humanity in the New Millenium

Author: Michael Aschenbach

ISBN: 0-9787905-0-2 (softcover)

ISBN: 0-9787905-1-0 (hardcover)

416 pages

A powerful and positive vision of sweeping scope, VISION 3000 presents a convincing picture of humanity's future. Readers describe it as "uplifting, encouraging, empowering," "beautifully written," and "packed with new ideas." This vision makes sense. It helps people understand and align with the greater transformation of our world. No wonder so many people are talking about it!

In a clear and inspired voice, VISION 3000 explains why humanity is evolving in one specific direction and how the challenges we face today only push us further along that path. This book connects a vision several steps ahead of its time with everyday life and shows how we can benefit from its insights right now. The complexity of our postmodern world will look far clearer after you have read it- an experience you don't want to miss.

VISION 3000 describes the stages of our future transformation as they affect six social functions: Human Science, Spiritual Culture, Technology, Media, Economics, and Governance. We are shown how emerging evolutions of human consciousness bring in new worldviews that completely transform each of these dimensions. This vision lays out a blueprint for individuals, organizations, and our whole planetary society to awaken and set us free.



Michael Aschenbach is a visioner, organizational consultant, writer, artist, and gardener. He is director of the Institute for Human Transformation.

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