From Cellmates to Soulmates: Integrating Sales and Service

Authors: Mark W. Heisler and Suzanne Baldino Jones

ISBN 1-58939-339-2 (softcover); 1-58939-340-6 (casebound)

172 pages

This book is about customer relationship management, just not in the typical sense. Let's be honest. The people responsible for maintaining customer relationships in your company don't get along. Sales and service don't share the same goals; they don't coordinate work; they barely communicate. Is it any wonder customers come and go as if they're moving through a revolving door? The authors describe in practical, real world terms how to integrate (literally) a company's sales efforts with its service delivery. When sales and service work together to develop and maintain healthy relationships with customers, the company achieves greater profitability by improving customer acquisition, and building customer loyalty with a purpose: to generate repeat, recurring and referral sales.

Category: business, communication

Type: books

Vendor: Mark Heisler

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