Beyond the Boardroom

by Deeawn T. Roundtree

ISBN 1-58939-821-1 (softcover)
ISBN 1-58939-772-X (eBook)

72 pages

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in the workplace because you did not understand what was expected of you? Have you ever wondered why some people get raises and promotions and seem to pass you by as they go up the corporate ladder? By understanding the unspoken rules of corporate politics, you will improve your confidence and interpersonal relationships within your company or organization and accomplish your career goals faster.


Deeawn Roundtree, a certified image consultant and President of Professional Image Consultants, LLC has provided extensive image and etiquette consulting to diverse groups of individuals who desire to improve their professional image in the workplace or who are transitioning back into the corporate environment. Deeawn Roundtree resides in New Jersey with her husband and son.



Category: Business, Self Help

Type: books

Vendor: Deeawn Roundtree

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