Four Walls Against the Wind: Finding our Alaska Dream

Author: Marge Hermans Osborn

ISBN 978-1-60264-442-7 (softcover)

178 pages

How many of us realize our fondest dreams? Tom and Marge Osborn did. Over the course of twelve years, while holding down jobs in town, they built their dream cabin in a small, remote bay in Southeast Alaska.Marge's journal traces the building process and what they learned about the wildlife and landscape around them: getting construction materials into near-wilderness, watching the cabin slowly take shape, encountering bears and whales, and getting to know birds, flowers, and tidal life.This is a modern Alaskan adventure story, an inspiration to all of us to take up our dreams and make them come to life.


Marge Osborn has published six books and more than 100 magazine articles under the name Marge Hermans, mostly in collaboration with fellow authors. Notable among them are "Southeast Alaska's Natural World and Life around Mendenhall Glacier" with Robert H. Armstrong, and "Alaska in Maps: A Thematic Atlas," edited with Roger W. Pearson and a team of Alaska teachers. She writes mostly about the natural history and environment of Alaska.

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