Born in Brooklyn

Author: Steve Reichstein

ISBN 978-1-62137-663-7 (softcover)

180 pages

These connected stories show how character is forged--and bring to life a city, an era, and a way of life gone by but not forgotten.

Why might you be interested? Because the author's stories are about circumstances and events that shape up. Things like: turning failure into success, neglect into good works, forced obedience into resistance. Also explored are: the importance of community, religious belief, the effects of poverty, and older styles of doctoring and schooling. We'll go into a mine 1000 feet underground, visit Coney Island in its heyday, hike across the Grand Canyon, learn a can't lose strategy for gambling in Las Vegas, and witness the political skill of a future president. We'll also see how luch can help one to serve their country. We'll recall early experiences with the opposite sex, see bias up close, learn how handicaps were overcome, and go to an Ivy League school. The book is populated by fascinating people, places and ideas.


Steve Reichstein, Brooklyn born and raised, early on, developed a will to persevere in the face of difficulty. He traveled the world when he was in his twenties and returned with exciting, romantic and amusing stories. His first book, Discovering Queens, was featured in the New York Times and his second, The Love Temples of Khajuraho, was published in the US and India.

Steve is a trained city planner whose last position was as an assistant to the President of the Borough of Brooklyn. An avid tennis player, gardener and writer, he resided with his wife in Forest Hills in New York City. Steve has coordinated literature classes at the New School in Greenwich Village and has taught courses on the growth and development of New York City at St. John's University.

Category: Biography, Memoirs, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Steve Reichstein

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