Books are like Rice

Author: Connie Pierce

ISBN 978-1-60264-773-2 (softcover)

108 pages


"Books are like Rice: Or, All I Never Wanted to Know about Bookselling," though a true, sometimes humorous, memoir of bookselling, is not intended as a "how-to-succeed-in-business book." It does, however, contain some useful information for those who are interested in an insecure future selling books and other media.

This book is more simply a reflection on the insanity we know as bibliophilia; punctuated by earthquakes and madness. It also compares the old ways of bookselling and book buying with the new ways of today. The comparisons might be deemed more worthy of the madness designation.


Connie has been a small-potatoes bookseller for over three decades, with a brick and mortar store for the first eighteen years of that history. With much dedication she has managed graduation to hobbyist media-seller after two excursions into online book/media sales, and two stints at working for other bookstores.

She has been working on a transition to habitual media-buyer hobbyist-scout, combined with traveling while living in an RV, and with the hopes of setting up a somewhat bibliophilic travel blog for those who want to follow her trail somewhere in cyberspace outside of Facebook.

Connie is the author of "Letting go of the Rice: A Journal Concerning the Loss of Mind and Music to Alzheimer's Disease."

Category: Biography, Humor, Memoirs, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Connie Pierce

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