Mechanisms of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields

Author: Bettin Mironov

ISBN 978-1-60264-105-1 (hardcover)

The undular model forms the basis of this book. The metric of undular frames is analyzed, and the interaction of mechanical particles is considered as an interaction of waves. The mechanisms of the electromagnetic field are considered from the point of view of the undular model. It is shown that the transverse character of electromagnetic waves is a result of the fact that the tools of measurement have an undular nature. That last part of the book is devoted to a description of the mechanisms of electrostatic and gravitational fields.


Bettin Mironov, doctor of Physics sciences
Present appointment, Professor in the department of Micro-electronics and Semi-conductor devices for the Technical University of Moldova. Graduated from the Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad) State Electrotechnical University, specializing in Electronics, Acoustics and Ultrasonic Engineering.
The presented book is the fruit of research that the author has done over the past 30 years. In this period, the author has worked in research institutes in the former Soviet Union and taught courses in physics, modeling, electronics, signal processing and databases at universities. The author's university degree studies were in the "theory of waves" filed, and his doctoral thesis was on the "physics of semiconductors." Despite having such a wide range of interests, the author devoted the greater part of his time to examination of the questions that the book deals with. His fundamental studies and experience in the "theory of waves", and, also in the "physics of semi-conductors", optics and computer, have allowed the author to arrive at the solutions to physical problems set out in the present book.

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