Life After Eternity

Author: Stefan J. Scheuermann

ISBN 9781621378150 (softcover)

ISBN 9781621378167 (eBook)

 122 Pages



 In a state of exhaustion, the narrator comes home from work and is visited by two mysterious figures. These visitors take him on a journey to eventually witness every moment of every human life. The experience reveals truths about humanity and God. Afterward, he is returned to his home, exactly as he was when he left. Weighted with his profound new understanding, he struggles to slide back into his normal routines. He has forgotten most of the countless moments of every human life but experiences seemingly random flashes of memories from various lives he encounters. With the advice of his wife, he replants himself into his old life. He writes the story of his journey in a fiction book, with vivid elaborations and additions. In a local interview about his book, he accidentally reveals that his story is based on a real experience, as he recovers from one of his flashes. His revelation sends him through a whirlwind of positive and negative encounters with people he meets during his reluctant brush with notoriety. A bitter turning point sours the milk of fame for him and he struggles to return to the comfort of obscurity and anonymity.

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