Author: R. Brett

ISBN 978-1-62137-306-3 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-307-0 (eBook)

250 pages

Staten Island, New York is a charming and quaint place to raise a family, a place where people take the time to get to know their next door neighbors. Eight years ago, Jack Franks was arrested and charged with attempted murder and sentenced to a twelve year prison term at Rikers. His new lawyer has won an appeal and Jack is now a free man. Nowhere to go, he returns to his childhood home on Staten Island, hoping for a second chance for a long successful life. But in his heart he knows that going home won’t be easy, feeling that everything that has happened in the last sixteen years was his fault. Jack is determined to prove there is a killer living among them. He will do anything to catch the killer, even if it means returning to prison. He needs to know the truth. Everyone should know the truth about what happened sixteen years ago. 


R. Brett is a published poet, journalist and short story writer. She resides with her family along Lake Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

Category: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Type: books

Vendor: R. Brett

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