Clear As Mud

Author: Nancy Price

ISBN 978-1-62137-773-3 (softcover)

Pages 266



Joyce McGraw had enrolled in a theology class at the college. She was one of twelve students. The teacher was instructing the class about duality and non-duality religious orientations. The student's tasks were to write articles and make a presentation about dualism and non-dualism and share their beliefs. Another student, Martin, became infatuated with Joyce and a relationship began. It was touch and go between the two for many weeks. Joyce finally said she no longer wanted to take the risk of feeling lonely without him. Joyce began to have Out of Body Experiences (OBE). She trained herself through meditation to have these OBE without a crisis. Through her OBE she ran into a cocaine drug ring. She worked with the Chief of Police to capture the crooks. Joyce finally found solitude and shared with her boyfriend, Martin, that she would never feel loneliness again. She had accepted her feelings and could live life to its fullest by helping others who were lonely in the world.



Nancy Price was employed as a medical technologist for forty years. She has retired
from drawing blood samples, looking through a microscope and crossmatching units of
blood for surgical procedures. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband where
retirement has given her the time to pursue her hobbies one of which is breeding the
iris – the Rainbow flower. She will miss the fast pace and excitement of the laboratory,
but delights in seeing a new iris in her seedling patch.

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