Always Another Mountain

Author: Danie Martin

ISBN 1-58939-693-6 (softcover)

262 Pages

This is the author's daily journal as she backpacked the Appalachian Trail in 2004. Hundreds of hikers attempt this challenging trek every year and fewer than one in five succeed. Starting alone from Springer Mountain Georgia in late winter, she faces cold, snow, injury, lightning, heat, three topical storms, and over 2000 miles of rugged terrain before successfully reaching the high summit of Mount Katahdin Maine over six months later. Taking the trailname of "Mouse," she encounters adventures ranging from getting lost on a snowy mountaintop to dealing with an over inquisitive skunk, and takes part in time-hallowed trail traditions like the Half-Gallon Ice Cream Challenge.


Born in Ohio, Danie Martin first encountered the Appalachian Trail by chance on a visit to Connecticut. The seeds of an adventure were planted and after learning the basics of backpacking in California, she resolved to hike the Trail. She is a librarian now living in Philadelphia

Category: Non-Fiction, Outdoors, Sports

Type: books

Vendor: Danie Martin

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