Steele Away

Author: E.J. Robb

ISBN: 978-1-62137-673-6 (Softcover)

352 Pages




When asked to investigate whether TSA employees are stealing luggage Richard Steele believes this new assignment will take a week at most. In fact, he faces his most difficult challenge since getting involved with the OSI. There are four chemical devices that have been set to detonate, each with the ability to kill thousands. The Devils Disciples, a motorcycle gang considered too radical for the Hells Angels, are in the middle of it all. Making things worse, the OSI will have to face one of their own who has gone rogue. While Cynthia Simmons, Agent Preston, and Steele try to unravel this intricate plan, the lives of thousands in Washington, D.C., hang in the balance. Steele will have to kill those who are preparing to do our country harm. This time it involves radical groups who have come to our shores to try and intimidate the citizens who live here. As expected, Steele will not let that happen. He will stop them or die trying.

Category: Action, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Type: books

Vendor: E.J. Robb

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