The Sphinx and the Phoenix

Author: D. R. Khashaba

ISBN 978-1-60264-309-3 softcover

376 pages

This is a collection of philosophical essays, gropings for light in the dark den of life, so why the Sphinx and the Phoenix? To philosophize is to question everything, to subject all things to What? And to Why? There you have the Sphinx. What about the Phoenix? Philosophy is concerned with the ultimate mysteries of being, understanding, and value. In seeking to represent the ultimate and the absolute in finite and determinate formulations of thought, philosophy can only speak in allegory, metaphor, and myth and must constantly, as Plato insisted, destroy its own foundational postulates. True philosophy must burn in the fire of dialectic that from the ashes, Phoenix-like, new intelligible worlds may arise bringing with them enlightenment and insight. The essays range widely from the nature of philosophical thinking to the problem of free will, from Kant and Plato to Wittgenstein and Russell, from the objectivity of values to a critique of religion, from the creationism-evolutionism controversy to the brain-mind riddle, and together they reflect an integrative philosophy that the author characterizes as an original version of Platonism. 


D.R. Khashaba, b. 1927, an independent philosopher, published Let Us Philosophize (1998, 2008), Plato: An Interpretation (2005), Socrates' Prison Journal (2006), and Hypatia's Lover (2006). He describes his philosophy as an original version of Platonism. A widower with one daughter, Hanan, and one granddaughter, Farah, Khashaba lives in his home-country Egypt. Weblog:

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Vendor: D.R. Khashaba

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