Light Explained: History, Science Conclusion

Author: Dag Landvik

ISBN 978-1-949756-37-1 (hardcover)

978-1-949756-89-0 (eBook)

136 pages

This book raises and explains the mystery surrounding the nature and origin of light, as well as giving the reader a résumé of the historic and contemporary theories of light. At the heart of this work, the author tackles the true explanation of light, encouraged by Bertrand Russell´s earlier identical insight that light is inseparable from its observer. This means that light in reality does not exist as previously understood, and that a modified worldview therefore is called for.


Dag Landvik has served as the president of Fagerdala World Foams AB, Sweden, since 1964, and has established 34 companies in 15 countries in lightweight material technologies. Landvik is an inventor and co-inventor of a number of products, such as the Tempur-Pedic pressure relieving sleep system mattress, developed through technology acquired from NASA. He is a member of The Society for Physical Research, London.

Category: Bertrand Russell, light

Type: books

Vendor: Dag Landvik

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